Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

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Laugh as if it’s funny, embrace as if it’s love, and smile anyway.
                                                            -Richelle E. Goodrich



Copyright 2013 Richelle E. Goodrich



The god of the doorway greets the wolf at his threshold.

January 1st 

Just pick a goal and stick to it―no big complicated secret.

January 2nd  

I’m going on a diet.  (Crud, I know.)
I am going to be cranky.
I am going to be irritable.
I am going to be moody and sad and mean.
And, yes, I am going to be hungry.
Please don’t feed me, even if I try to bite you.
Please don’t tease me, I may hurt you.
Please don’t try to encourage me, I may growl and snap at you.
Please don’t help me, I may blame you for everything aggravating in the known universe.
Please don’t be offended by my scowl, I cannot smile.
But most importantly, please keep your distance until this trial is over in order to prevent any unnecessary casualties.
Thank you for your understanding.

January 3rd  

Goals are my north star.  My compass.  The map that guides me along the road I wish to travel.  Goals are motivations with wind in their sails—they carry me forward despite the storms.

January 4th  

If you truly wish to change what is without, you must first change what festers within.

January 5th  

“Don’t simply exist in this world, but grasp life’s potential by the jacket.  Dare it to be all it can. 
Make life historical—a gripping account of accomplishment. 
Make life a mystery—a challenging, bold adventure. 
Make life heartfelt—an enduring, poetic romance. 
Whatever it is you make of your world, live the fairytale.”

January 6th  

No one stands at the beginning of a race and then suddenly finds himself at the end having never taken a step forward.  And if that were to happen—the sweat and struggle avoided—what stories would he have to tell?  The goal includes the journey; it’s all part of the dream.

January 7th  

We never think lightly of those who walk with us on our uphill days.

January 8th  

I believe the main purpose of life is to accept with gratitude what you’ve been blessed with so you may use those gifts to mold yourself into the best person you can possibly be.  Learning to discern things of true value from those of little or no worth is part of the process.

January 9th  

Trust in the silent doers.  It is far more difficult to put your dreams into action than into flowery words.

January 10th

To persist with a goal, you must treasure the dream more than the costs of sacrifice to attain it.

January 11th  

Do it again.
Play it again. 
Sing it again. 
Read it again. 
Write it again. 
Sketch it again. 
Rehearse it again.  Run it again.  Try it again.
Because again is practice, and practice is improvement, and improvement only leads to perfection.

January 12th

Through sheer volume of passing days you will travel a great distance in your lifetime.  Imagine where you might stand if your footsteps steered toward a single goal.

January 13th

Don’t be afraid to try, because you never look back on life and smile at what you could have attempted.  Joy only brightens your countenance over those things you did attempt.

January 14th 

“Brazen it out!  Throw away the scabbard!  Grit your teeth, buckle down, and die with your boots on!  Or in other words, be determined and resolved until you accomplish the thing you set out to accomplish.”

January 15th  

When a person boldly declares “You can’t” he might as well add on “Can you?” knowing this spoken roadblock only serves to fuel a challenge in naturally stubborn souls.

Copyright 2013 Richelle E. Goodrich


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The month of the pearl, as precious as droplets of water.

February 1st 

I stand in the night and stare up at a lone star, wondering what love means.  You whisper your desire—do I love you?  I dare say yes.  But my eyes drift back to that solitary star; my mind is plagued with intimate uncertainty. 

What art thou, Love?  Tell me. 

I contemplate what I know—the qualities love doth not possess.  Love lifts no cruel or unkind hand, for it seeketh no harm.  It shirks from constraints and demands, for tyranny is not love.  A boisterous voice never crosses love’s lips, for to speak with thunder chases its very presence from the heart.  Love inflicts no pain, no fear, no misery, but conquers all such foes.  It is said love is not selfish, yet it does not guilt those who are.  On a heart unwillingly given it stakes no claim.  Love is nothing from Pandora’s box; it is no evil, sin, or sorrow unleashed on this world. 

My eyes glimmer as the star I gaze upon twinkles with brightness I do not possess.  I recognize my smallness—my ignorance of the One whose hands placed that star in the heavens for me. 

He is love.  By His own mouth He proclaimed it. 

Again the whispered question hits my ear—do I love you?  I dare say yes.  But my eyes squint tight, wishing on a lonely star, wondering what love means.

February 2nd  

“The most difficult challenge an honest man will ever face is having to choose between duty and love.  One creates a man of honorable character—a life worth dying for.  The other creates a vulnerable soul that madly yearns for either death or immortality.”

February 3rd  

Kiss a frog with your eyes wide open.  If he turns into a prince you won’t miss the transformation, but if he doesn’t, you won’t be fooled by some wishful illusion in your head.

February 4th  

Love tickles parts of you that, prior to its influence, you didn’t even know could feel.

February 5th  

Love—such a keen mystery prone to pierce and shatter the delicate heart.  Yet it possesses more strength, power, and influence than any other magic known to man.

February 6th  

“True love is a developed and intense appreciation for someone.  It’s that perfect awareness you are finally whole when she’s with you, and that hollow incompleteness you suffer when she’s gone.” 

February 7th  

Love is not complicated—just smile, hug, kiss, be kind, and repeat.

February 8th  

True love asks no question of the heart.  It knows with surety.

February 9th  

You are the one star I wish upon nightly, praying your glory will fall from the heavens and land in my undeserving arms.

February 10th

Prove you love me through a lingering gaze and never losing that twinkle of adoration in your eyes.

February 11th  

To have a caring and committed heart toward someone—a heart so firm in its devotion as to sooner stop beating than neglect the object of its desire despite the person’s state of health, appearance, reputation, finances, troubles, or challenges—that, dear world, is love.  It is a rare find.

February 12th

“True love takes time.  It’s an earned comfort that tells you she’ll be right there beside you no matter what you do, not necessarily happy with your every action, but faithful to you just the same.”

February 13th  

When I reach out, you take my hand.
When I smile, you mirror the expression.
When I triumph, you glory as if it were your own.
When I fail, you point to the light at the end.
When I need, you tenderly provide.
When I cry, you kiss away my tears.
When I suffer, you bleed.
And you wonder why I love you?

February 14th 

To love is to accept a soul entirely, not wishing the person was otherwise, nor hoping for change, nor clinging to some ideal past.  To love is to cherish the individual standing before you presently—charms, quirks, and all. To love is to give someone a piece of your heart you will never, ever reclaim.

February 15th  

I had the most beautiful dream, and then I fell asleep in your arms and my dream turned lovelier still.

Copyright 2013 Richelle E. Goodrich

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The god of war climbs the birch trees to guard our earthly moon.

March 1st 

Nature awakens in brilliant colors of autumn, making me wish winter would bid adieu.

March 2nd  

I see the good in the world because I choose to.  I don’t imagine it’s there; it’s there waiting to be noticed.

March 3rd  

Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift.  And eventually we find that lessons learned from that discouraging experience prove to be of great worth.

March 4th  

A daily dose of daydreaming heals the heart, soothes the soul, and strengthens the imagination.

March 5th  

Why is it that at the very moment I need to be wise I stumble and fall like a fool, as if this had never played through my mind differently a million times?

March 6th  

If you avoid all of life’s abrasions, you will never be polished enough to shine.

March 7th  

The key to valuing something is to lose it and then realize how rare it was—after which you pray like mad to regain what you lost.  The value of an item often depends upon how hard it is to attain.

March 8th  

No matter how many lies you use to disguise it or how many excuses you bury it beneath, the truth will never cease to be true.

March 9th  

Lying is wrong.  When you tell a lie for the sake of sparing someone’s feelings it is not suddenly right, but it is compassionate.  And is not compassion a form of love?  Love—the greatest of all virtues!  Therefore, my darling, I do wrong for you.  I lie so you might feel loved.

March 10th

Okay, let’s put this another way—if what you’re about to say wouldn’t look good permanently engraved on your tombstone, bite your tongue.

March 11th  

My spirit mirrors the radiance of a clear, blue sky.  With closed eyes I lift my face and smile, warmed from the core and from above.  All hopes and dreams compete with this endless expanse of heaven, desiring the clock of eternity. 
I reach with my hands―frenziedly achieving―attempting to learn and do all.  Yet I understand the humble truth; a drop of rain shall amount to my contribution among all the droplets in the vast ocean of human history. 
It is a pure and precious tear that seeps from my efforts....my existence. 
Taste how sweet! 
It is all I have, given willingly.

March 12th

Life is a puzzle, a riddle, a test, a mystery, a game—whatever challenge you wish to compare it to.  Just remember, you’re not the only participant; no one person holds all the answers, the pieces, or the cards.  The trick to success in this life is to accumulate teammates and not opponents.

March 13th  

Sometimes it feels as if God set you on Earth with a bottle full of nasty-tasting pills called days and these instructions:  Swallow one at a time.  When entire prescription is finished, you may return home.

March 14th 

Yes, happiness is dependent upon misery.  For we all feel a swell of happiness after our circumstances improve from a misery recently suffered.

March 15th  

Just resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to be miserable so you can finally be happy.  (It’s a sound theory if you think about it hard enough.)

Copyright 2013 Richelle E. Goodrich

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